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About Subscriptions & Memberships

Subscriptions and memberships are perfect examples of gifts that keep on giving. Month after month, your recipient would be getting access to a new dose of what he or she truly likes - be it a box of brand new make-up or a new pair of running shoes.

There are subscriptions and memberships of all kinds out there, and all of them make terrific gifts. It's all a matter of what your recipient would like most.

Beauty & Make-up subscriptions often come in form of monthly boxes that contain a bunch of pretty wonders that resonate with the current trends in the fashion industry. These are perfect for, well, fashion lovers and all those who wear make-up on a daily basis. 

Alcohol-related subscriptions are perfect for those folks who are passionate about a glass of good wine, craft beer, or some rare sort of whiskey. Just imagine them receiving a fresh dose of unique and delicious drinks to savour, over and over again!

Clothing & Footwear subscriptions allow the recipient to enjoy a fancy addition to their wardrobe every month or so. The options are vast: from designer shirts to sport suits, from shoe care sets to unique handcrafted bow ties. If your recipient is a stylish soul, such subscriptions are absolutely among the best options to gift.

Video, audio, and gaming subscriptions are so much better than similar gift cards for one simple reason: they provide a lot more freedom to the recipient. Instead of going through the stressful need of picking just one thing with a single gift card, with a themed subscription your recipient would be able to enjoy all the thrill and excitement of recurring access to what they love most.

The classic example of a Sports & Fitness gift in this category would be a membership card to your recipient's local gym. Not only such a gift is perfect for any level of experience in fitness, but it also provides your recipient with a virtually unlimited access to new exercises and types of activity as they progress.

Perhaps, the only problem with subscription gifts is that they're absolutely not the most affordable option out there. But if that's not really an issue for you, rest assured that you've just come across one of the most fabulous presents imaginable.