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About Tabletop Games

No matter the recipient's age, hobby, or profession, a good tabletop game makes a fabulous gift for a lot of reasons:

But there are thousands of classic & modern titles to choose from (you can find our favorites in the Gifts section above), so how do you pick the best one for a gift? Well, for starters, check out these universal recommendations.

Start with a theme your recipient will love

Usually, this is the easiest part. A techie guy that loves computers and Sci-Fi Stuff would most likely prefer a space-themed or futuristic title while a LoTR cosplayer girl would likely love, well, a Lord of the Rings tabletop game. Themes are generic reflections of the recipient's hobbies, passions, and worldview - so just start from there and see what this category has to offer!

Take the recipient's personality into account

Although the classification of tabletop games is somewhat vague, there are a few parameters that really matter here, such as the time needed to play one session of the game. Some titles are relaxed and laid-back, with one session lasting well under an hour (sometimes just 5-10 minutes). These games would be great for the impatient and hyperactive people who can't sit in one place for too long. Other games require hours of meticulous planning, careful thinking, development of cunning moves and refined strategies - perfect for the intellectuals, brainiacs, and nerdy folk.

Does the recipient have someone to play this game with?

If your recipient is single, it would be a REALLY bad idea to give them a romantic game for couples. If your recipient has just one or two loyal friends, it's not advisable to give them a title that requires a whole bunch of participants to be played. This just won't work. Always remember that tabletop games are social things - and you've got to have the right people in your life to play them.

That said, just relax and try to catch the vibe of the games that piqued your interest. The artwork, the mechanics, the plot (if any), all of these are like pieces of the same puzzle, the game's "essence." If you feel like the end picture is something that your recipient would relate to - go ahead, that's the right pick!

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