A Pro-grade Hot Stone Experience

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Hot stones are a thousand year old tradition. They melt muscle tension so you can relax and sleep better. Elo aims to reverse the bodily responses associated with stress, slowing breath and increasing the parasympathetic activity that makes you feel calm and rested. Target muscle groups on your own or unlock some bonding time with a partner. Giving the perfect massage is effortless with Elo.

Thermotherapy. 7 heavy volcanic Elo Stones heat up to 130 F and release captivating warmth into muscles slowly for sustained benefits over their use. Each stone is expertly shaped from raw basalt stone.
Aromatherapy. Diffuse your favorite calming essential oil blends with the built-in diffuser. Scents have different properties that play a big role in triggering the mind to change states from active to passive.
Ambient Light Therapy. Set the mood with Elo’s ambient light rings. Visual effects mimic the movement of natural elements and dusk skies from different locations around the world.