BR2 Ergonomic Headrest Travel Pillow $60

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The bullbird BR2 travel pillow promotes better posture and alignment to lessen the stresses of travel on the body. Simply place the product behind your neck and rest against the seat back. The integrated lanyard keeps the pillow from falling should you feel the need to get up or move around in your seat.
  • Ergonomically designed to promote better posture and alignment while you relax.
  • As of late January 2020, all BR2 Travel Pillows have an Integrated strap system with adjustable toggle that allows travelers to regulate how tightly the BR2 Travel Pillow stays against the back of their neck.
  • Designed as a travel pillow, the bullbird Neck Pillow also works great while you watch TV on your couch, game in your favorite recliner, or read a book in bed.
  • Purposefully portable. 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows.
  • Aligns your C1 - C7 vertebrae while you rest upright


7 x 5 x 5 inches
12.2 ounces