Compressed Plush Toy That Makes Unboxing Extra-fun $50

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Each Sqoosh2Poof is jam-packed with sweet surprises and entertaining activities that are sure to delight the whole family from the moment of Sqoosh 2 the moment of Poof!

The surprise is all in the unboxing experience – You won’t believe that we squeezed this giant plush into this tiny box until you see it for yourself!

Included within your Sqoosh2Poof™ box:
• One Sqoosh2Poof Jumbo Unicorn
• One Protective & Interactive Tray
• Includes step-by-step instructions & cutout facemasks for the funniest photo-ops while you wait for your Sqoosh2Poof to reach full POOFtential.
• One Instructional & Interactive Booklet
• Instructions for the grown ups & color while you wait for the kiddos: coloring pages & word find