Coupon Organizer $20

About Gift

Attention all coupon shoppers - Master Craft presents the Coupon Organizer Wallet so you are always ready for a great deal. This coupon wallet is perfect for all of your shopping needs. With its sleek compact design it slides right into your purse without taking up much space. Never again will you leave your coupons at home or buy the wrong brand. Master Crafts Coupon Wallet keeps you organized and saving money with ease. Master Craft's Coupon Organizer Wallet comes with twenty-four dividers and two sheets of self-adhesive labels - one sheet with pre-printed categories; the other sheet has blank labels for you to categorize as you wish. You will never scramble at the check-out line again when you have your custom organized Coupon Organizer Wallet.


8.6 x 1.8 x 5 inches
durable polyester fabric
5.8 ounces