DIY Melissa & Doug Flower Fleece Quilt

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Want to make a super-cozy quilt in no time? Just knot it. We’ve made it fun and easy to make an extra-large, colorful fleece blanket. Just tuck the extra-wide, extra-long fringe into the slits and tie single knots to piece together a quilt that’s uniquely you! The fabric pieces are super thick, soft, and fuzzy on both sides for extra snuggling. The finished quilt is approximately four by five feet, but you can put together fewer pieces to make scarves or smaller projects. Illustrated instructions and design ideas are included. There are many ways to create a customized quilt. Knot together four separate quilts for your stuffed animals or dolls! Add details to your quilt: knot beads to the outer fringe, weave decorative ribbons between the rows, embroider designs on some of the solid-colored squares, or stitch your name into a corner squares to autograph your quilt! This DIY fleece blanket for kids is made from high-quality thick, fuzzy, and super-soft material.


12 x 4 x 16 inches
3.52 ounces



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