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Toy of the Year winner! The Invisibility Cloak has won the biggest award of them all at New York’s Toy of the Year 2020 awards (the TOTY’s) for innovation! The Harry Potter invisibility cloak has finally arrived! Movie accurate detailing of the cloak has been reproduced in reference to the original movie prop. Now you really can appear to disappear! Using the wow! Stuff app (included) you can recreate iconic scenes from the Harry Potter films. When the patterned side of the invisibility cloak is facing the camera It will be visible on screen. However, when you flip your cloak inside out, so that the green Lining is facing the camera, whatever or whoever is hidden beneath the cloak will magically disappear on screen! View, photograph, or film yourself through the app on your smartphone or tablet (not included) and save the images and videos to your camera roll. Your family and friends won't believe their eyes! The invisibility cloak deluxe version is wrapped like the original! Features authentic serpent entwined borders as seen in the films and a green silk style interior. This green silk style interior is accurate to the original and was used for the green screen Chroma key technology special effects. The wow! Stuff app is free to Download!




9.84 x 9.84 x 15.75 inches


1.98 pounds



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