Harry Potter Kids All Houses Crest Pajamas$25

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What house will the Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft Sorting Hat choose for you? Can't wait? No problem pick the house you choose to belong to. Can't decide? Get every house! You can never go wrong with having the complete set. Please keep in mind that these pajamas are tight/snug fitting. If you wish to have a looser fit please size up 1-2 sizes. For a cotton product, a snug fit is recommended and required.



Approximate Measurements: Size 2T: Top L 13.5" x W 9.5" Bottoms L 18" Inseam 12" Size 3T: Top L 14" x W 10" Bottoms L 20" Inseam 14" Size 4T: Top L 16" x W 10.5" Bottoms L 22" Inseam 16" Size 5T: Top L 17" x W 11" Bottoms L 24" Inseam 18"


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