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We know how important this day is for you and how important it is to make everything perfect.
How important every detail is.
You definitely want to keep every moment of the day, not to miss a minute.
Remember the emotions of your loved ones and friends. Our alternative guest book will decorate your holiday and give your loved ones an opportunity to leave their wishes on wooden hearts.
You will be able to keep these warm words for the rest of your life.
This beautiful book can be both on the stand and on our new wall mount to become a part of your decor.
These stylish guest books are made in rustic style.
You can choose the size of the guest book according to the number of guests at your wedding.


PlyWood, Acrylic, Wood
The size of the Books for wedding guests (depends on the number of hearts). Height: 9-20 in Width: 10-24 in
Size of the box (depending on the number of hearts) length: 4-8 in Width: 2.5-6 in Height: 1-2 in
Sizes of hearts: 1.18x0.98 in 1.57x1.33 in