Mulled Wine Cocktail Kit $36

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Create your own custom spice blend from seven aromatic warm spices and explore the delicious flavors of mulling wine. To the unfamiliar (or to the wine snob), the idea of heating wine and infusing it with spices may seem odd, but this beverage is a warm & cozy European tradition. This easy-to-follow kit includes a variety of fragrant spices and tools to brew up to six bottles of red wine, white wine, or cider.

Mulling wine has existed for centuries and was first employed in the 2nd century as a way to save wine that was about to spoil. Now it is a celebrated festive tradition across many european countries. An interesting gift for any wine enthusiast, this set makes a unique wine accessory and gourmet food gift.


One Drawstring Mesh Spice Bag Stainless Steel Zester Grater Cinnamon Sticks Whole Anise Stars Dried Orange Slices AllSpice Berries Cardamom Pods Whole Nutmeg Whole Cloves BONUS: Favorite Recipes and Mulled Wine History BONUS Step-by-Step Illustrated Easy to Follow Instructions
11.5 x 1.5 x 7 inches
12.8 ounces