Reversible Bandana with Filtering Technology$20

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These double sided printed bandanas will keep you breathing in style. This multi-functioning bandana can also be worn as a face mask, headband, beanie, handkerchief, du-rag, cravat, crop top, wristband, hair tie, and more! You can even hang it on your wall in between uses since it's a large 2 x 2 feet square!

Velu signature bandanas are made with high quality MicroFlex fabric that is both moisture wicking and breathable making it perfect for the outdoors. The MicroFlex fabric has been independently lab tested to verify the superior filtration and breathability compared to standard bandana fabrics. Each bandana has a UV reactive design meaning you will shine both day and night. After the festivities are over and the bandana is dirty - just throw it in the wash to clean it right back up.


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