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Ask any outdoors man what's the most important element of surviving the wilderness, and odds are, he'll say redundancy in all things — if one tool fails, it's essential to always have some sort of backup (and maybe even a backup for your backup). And that's exactly what makes Flint Laces so vital: they give you an alternative means of making fire for when your matches get wet and your lighter won't spark. 



+Slimmer diameter Ferro tips fit in wide range of hiking boots, hunting boots, tactical boots and moreĀ +Each pair comes with (2) serrated striker knives designed for maximum spark production, and tinder shavingĀ +Quick access flints - No need to cut your lacesĀ +Minimalist - Everything you need to keep your boots tied and start a fire, nothing moreĀ +Ideal for anyone that ventures into the back country or likes to be prepared for anythingĀ +Inspired by celebrity survivalistsĀ 


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