Swan/Flamingo Reversible Character Plush $15

About Gift

Sometimes I'm sweet, sometimes I'm nutty – I flip back and forth but I'm always your buddy. Our backflips reversible characters are two, soft, lovable and fluffy characters in one – and are perfect for both play time and relaxation! These dynamic duos create double the smiles and bring double the fun wherever they go. Well Let you decide who is truly the better half! kids first - two lovable, huggable friends in one - double trouble, double love, double Fun - your perfect buddy for night time rest or playing in the sun for grown-ups - additional characters (because everyone's going to want one) - stitched and stuffed with the softest fabrics and materials (because who doesn't love a high-quality hug) - multi-purpose (because it's cute when toys can act as room décor) - kids 3+ years: our reversible characters are suitable for children ages 3 years and older - spot clean: damp cloth allows for a quick surface wash


12 x 5 x 12 inches
12 ounces