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Remember when Sheldon was bopping around in the ball pit as Leonard was trying, and failing, to get him out? He would just pop up and say "Bazinga!", it still makes us laugh just thinking of it! Used countless times by Sheldon throughout the series this catch phrase soon became a hit for Big Bang Theory fans everywhere! We've now taken it a step further by putting it on an air freshener so you can think back on all the great "Bazinga" moments in your car!! Sure to bring a smile even while you"re stuck in traffic, and share the moment by rolling down your window and yelling "BAZINGA!" at the car next to you!!! Leave to Sheldon to get sick and beg someone to sing him a song... and not just any song, the soft kitty song. As a child whenever he'd get sick his mother would sing him the soft kitty song, as he grew older he still yearned to hear the soothing tune as part of his recovery. Luckily Penny was nice enough -- or annoyed enough -- to learn the song and be his new care giver. Since the song was first introduced we've all grown to love it and it's now available on the go in the form of a cute cut out air freshener! And who knows, you might find yourself singing the soft kitty song as you drive down to the local pharmacy for some cold and cough medicine! As most good stories do... it all began with the girl next door. Soon after Penny moved in Sheldon noticed the strong attraction that Leonard had towards her. It was only a short matter of time before Sheldon made the obvious observation that Leonard wanted to have coitus with Penny! Since then even Sheldon has been discussing coitus with Amy! You too could express your love of coitus through this fun air freshener! Hang it in your car and see how many people leave their numbers on your window shield!!!



8.5 x 1 x 7.5 inches


0.16 ounces


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