The Original Shopping Cart Seat $40

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Buggy Bench easily attaches to any size shopping cart instantly creating a second seat. When not in use, simply fold it in half and store it in your diaper bag or car.Your child will love sitting in his/her own seat where they will feel secure and enjoy being able to see out of the shopping cart. You will love it too because you know your child is safely seated and buckled in. Plus, when your child is happy while shopping, so are you!

This print is trendy and adorable in navy blue and white arrows. The strap attachments make it a universal seat that will fit all size and types of shopping carts, even club size carts. The Buggy Bench folds in half when not in use and can easily be stored in a diaper bag or in the car.


15.1 x 13.3 x 1.5 inches
1.5 pounds
100% Polyester