Wizard's Potion Making Kit$75

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Help your little wizard-in-training with this deluxe potion-making kit, inspired by magic recipes and apothecary ingredients. Perfect for gift giving, just add ingredients and go!



Hand-finished wooden box (16" wide, 8" deep, 6" tall)


2-page Advanced Potion Making book with 2 recipes and lots of pages for notesā€” Wooden test tube rackā€” Porcelain mortar and pestleā€” Four narrow glass test tubes with cork stoppersā€” Three wide plastic test tubes with cork stoppersā€” Cylindrical glass beakerā€” Round-bottomed glass flask with cork stopperā€” Flat-bottomed glass flask with cork stopperā€” Three 1 dram mini glass bottles and eyedropperā€” Two wide-mouthed 4oz plastic jars with screw-on lidsā€” Three 2oz plastic bottles with screw-on, flip-cap lidsā€” Replica receipt for purchase of a "First Year Potion Making Kit" for 5 sicklesā€” Five wooden stir sticksā€” Three 8.5" x 5.5" self-adhesive sheets of labels in 6 sizes, for you to cut out and use as desired. Labels depict various potion ingredients as well as a "Property of" label to customize with your name and apply to your kit. Also includes blanks for creating custom labels.


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