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Let's face it: toys make the best gifts for kids of all ages no matter what their parents think.

After all, we've all experienced that lowkey disappointment after getting a book or a pair of socks for Christmas. When you're 6 or 7, you really wish that was an extra toy.

That said, there's still some place for compromise in this matter: toys can be extremely beneficial for a kid's development if you pick them right!

Rattles, musical toys, and toy instruments are very important for kids during their first year since they are a huge help in exploring the tremendous amount of emotions the world has to offer.

A bit later, letter bricks and language-learning toys enter the stage. They make exceptionally great gifts for  Toddlers and may even help to learn several languages instead of just one (if that's something the parents support, of course). A kid's brain is extremely flexible in this age, so there's no better long-time investment into the child's future than helping him or her to master as many skills as possible!

But the real fun starts during the Preschool and  School years when kids start appreciating the more complex stuff. Flying kites, radio-controlled cars, planes, and boats, complex building blocks and models... The options are almost endless, and all of them make a better impression than socks (at least in the kid's eyes).

Last but not least, there's fandom. Strictly speaking, action figures and many collectible fandom items are toys (just don't tell that to a fan's face). And that's actually a great thing since it suggests that a person has managed to keep his or her inner child alive and thriving through all the years!

The moral of the story is that toys make great gifts for recipients of all ages, not only just for kids. It's just a matter of finding the right item, and that's where Giftopix can help you out. :)

For more tips and ideas, make sure to check out the other tabs in this collection. Happy gifting!