100 Must See Horror Movies Scratch Poster $11

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It’s not right. You’ve spent half your life watching horror films and NOBODY knows. You have a near encyclopaedic knowledge of all things gory slasher but you’ve got nothing to show for it. Until now.

Finally show off your horror fan tekkers on this giant A3 scratch poster. Every time you see another spooky flick, take your nails to the foil and scratch away. Soon you’ll have a horrifying print for the wall, starring miniature versions of all of your favourite new films.

When you’ve worked your way from Annabelle to You’re Next, you can finally call yourself a true connoisseur of the genre. If anyone asks to see your credentials, you can take them home and show them. Just try to hide your other less socially acceptable horror fan merch while you’re there, they don’t need to see your authentic Texas Chainsaw or ‘blood’-splattered Scream mask.