Cocoonsie Wearable Blanket $40

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Size recommendations: [XSmall – People 3ft. or less.] [Small – People 3ft to 5ft.] [Medium – People 5ft to 6ft.] [Large – People 6ft or taller.] Cocoonsie is the world’s most functional, around the house, wearable blanket on the market today! The Cocoonsie fits like oversized sweatpants or a pajama jumpsuit to allow you to easily move throughout the house and the ability to do household activities such as clean, cook, or even go to the restroom with ease. When you are ready to cuddle back on the couch, simply pull the Cocoonsie up and around your shoulders for a comfy cocoon fit! You will likely fall asleep very quickly as you will be as comfortable as a worm in a cocoon!