Cubinote Sticky Note Printer$150

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Go Beyond the Sticky Note
We are taking sticky notes to a new level, designed to fit your needs.
Capture inspiration in any form. This compact office accessory lets you print anything on your phone โ€“ no ink required. Just put the paper in and youโ€™re ready to stick or share your ideas to any part of the world.
Sticky Note Printer
Text, images, doodles, QR code and more, if you can capture it on your screen, Cubinote can print it on sticky notes. The note size can be standard 3x3 or customized, and you can stick it on any surfaces with no residues.
All-in-One Label Maker
Design and print your own labels in any size with customized fonts, frames and images. This will allow you to meet all your home and office labeling needs. You can even save and share your label templates for reuse, on any surfaces with no residues.
Paper Messenger
Cubinote is both Bluetooth and Internet enabled. This allows you to send a real paper message to any part of the world. It is like a modern-day fax machine without a phone line.



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