Fempower Beauty Lipstick $25

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Cruelty-free makeup is the best makeup gift one could possibly give to a makeup lover. It doesn’t matter who you are or what occasions you wear your makeup for – it’s best when cruelty-free. This lip color is extremely vivid, even though it can be considered a nude tone. It’s a perfect balance between pink and brown, great for any skin color, has a very soft, tender, buttery consistency, and will stay on for quite a long time. This color is designed to support your natural nude, rather than to be screaming and attention-seeking, but its matte charm would still boost confidence and be a wonderful addition to any look – either for a party or for an office job. The lipstick is meant to show that both men and women are equal, and no one is allowed to shame another person for wearing it. And – it also smells really nice, just don’t eat a lot of it!


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