Flexible Natural Wood Cutting Board $33

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Are you frustrated with traditional cutting boards that are on the market today?
Do they fit in your sink to wash?
Do they hurt your wrist when you scrape food into a bowl?
Do your plastic boards and mats get deep gouges that harbor bacteria and stains even after sanitizing them in the dishwasher? 
Let's face it, traditional cutting boards just aren't very comfortable to use, or clean.
We all love to cut on wood but wish they were lighter and safer to use. woodNflex cutting boards by CleverOne Brands solves this by giving you a premium hardwood surface that flexes and bends making it much easier for everyday food preparation in your kitchen. These light-weight innovations also have a thick FDA food-safe silicone base that bends with the wood and provides a 100% non-slip surface contact with your countertops. 

Then there are plastic cutting mats... a few uses and washes and they are stained, curled, and leave small shavings of plastic on your knife or in your food. woodNflex uses natural hardwood sourced from the USA, designed to be flexible when paired with the durable thick silicone base. 

Treat the wood with care, and these chopping boards will last as long as any other wood cutting board. Being made of wood, they are not dishwasher safe, so make sure you treat them with oil or conditioners for butcher blocks. To clean them, just wash in the sink, rinse, and towel dry right away to protect them. Keep them flat on the counter until dry. You will love the way they add character to your countertops. 


11 x 14 x 0.1 inches