Hoodlum Head Warmer$60

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The Hoodlum is designed to be the perfect head insulation accessory for your Enlightened Equipment quilt or sleeping bag--or for extra warmth during the day. Built using our ultralight fabrics and synthetic insulation, the Hoodlum keeps your head and neck warm in all conditions, wet or dry.

A lightweight shock cord runs over the forehead and around to the back of the Hoodlum, allowing you to comfortably secure it to your head or close it over your eyes to sleep. The neck closure features three snaps to allow more or less airflow and lock out cold drafts. The Hoodlum is also easy to wash and dries quickly.



Forest/Charcoal Burnt/Charcoal




customized, lightweight, and durable nylon that offers breathability (approx. 10 cfm) and comfort while blocking moderate wind


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