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What do you get when you combine food, chemistry, and art? You get to deconstruct any dish, change the look and feel of any ingredient, impress dinner guests, and take your tastebuds on an adventure—also known as molecular gastronomy!

Turn your kitchen into a food laboratory with this how-to kit that teaches you how to transform liquids, like honey, into jelly-like cubes, gelify chopped produce into flavor-packed beads, or even morph melted chocolate into a delicate powder or spaghetti-like strands. You're only limited by your imagination! So go ahead, play with your food!



12" L x 6.75" W x 3" H

Kit Includes

- 4 food additives (20 sachets)- 3 pipettes- 1 slotted spoon- 1 measuring spoon- 1 silicone mold- 1 food grade syringe- 2 silicone tubes- 1 DVD of 50 recipes


one sachet is good for one recipe, so there's a lot of experimenting to be done


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