E-Bike That Folds In One Second$3200

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- FlyFolding System: Folds in one single second, and in one simple motion.  - Electric Flight Assistance: Rides 40 miles (60 km) on a single LifePo4 battery charge.   - GPS System: Syncs wirelessly with iOS and Android.  - Solid, Anti-Puncture Tires: No more flats.  - Belt Drive: Maintenance free riding. No grease. No noise. Your pants are safe. - USB Phone Charger: Stays connected and never runs out of battery. - Smart Locking System: Locks automatically when you are 10 feet (5 meters) away.  - LED Smart Lights: Controlled remotely and automatically with the app. - Sharing Program: Create a personal profile and share your Gi FlyBike with friends.


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