Handcrafted Wooden Kids' Slingshot $20

About Gift

The Slingshot: a truly classic toy. The kind of toy that lets kids play like kids. Modern kids, they deserve to play with a Slingshot too. A better Slingshot! Lucky, that’s just what you've found: Made in the USA from real wood and soft foam, the Mischief Maker promotes old-fashioned fun with a healthy sense of adventure. The kind of authentic, active play that empowers kids. And with a unique design that only shoots soft foam balls, it’s safe both indoors and out, so parents can love the Mischief Maker, too. The rich colors of the Mischief Maker Classic Series designs look amazing in the hand, popping out of a pocket or awaiting the next adventure on the bookshelf. Trust us, your kids will have endless hours of active fun with our Mischief Maker slingshot, so pick your favorite Mischief Maker and make a little mischief today!



Package Dimensions
8.5 x 5.5 x 1.75 inches
6 Ounces