Voo You - Personalised Voodoo Doll $20

About Gift

Ever loved somebody so much that you wanted to shrink them down and keep them in your bag at all times? No? Just us?

Regardless of how obsessive your love, you can now turn ANYONE you want into an adorable stuffed version of themselves - a VooYou Doll if you will. Just upload your photo, use our special tool to make sure it looks right, then we’ll do the rest! You’ll be the proud owner of a personalised voodoo doll faster than you can say ‘that’ll teach the bastard for breaking up with me!’

Now, of course, it would be unethical of us to condone the use of actual black-magic on your new stuffed pal. So we won’t. Just give your plush replica a nice loving squeeze instead - we’re not sure it can survive the human pin-cushion experience, and its cosy polyester filling won’t bounce back well from a visit to the epicentre of a bonfire. You’ve been warned, creepy vengeful magicians.