Creative Gifts for Boyfriend

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Finding a really creative gift for your boyfriend (and one he will truly like) is easier than you think, and it doesn’t even has to be cheesy. Forget about those terrible plush hearts and semi-useless novelty: here’s what real creativity looks like!

Before we jump to the handy little pieces of advice, here are some fundamentals to consider.


How to pick a creative gift for your boyfriend

The difference between creative gifts for a boyfriend and creative gifts for a generic man (a teacher, for example, or a friend) is subtle: you can add some romantic vibes into the mix. The trick here is to NOT go over the top: most men aren’t into that sort of thing. For example, a stylish print showing a specific position of the solar system on a given day – that’s a fabulous thing, perfectly balanced on the coolness, creativity, and romantic scales.


FlipBook Maker Kit

The newest member of the FlipBooKit family happens to be the easiest and quickest to assemble.
The box includes everything you need to turn your own video or images into a custom Hand-cranked Movie Machine!

Create your own 24-frame animation by uploading your own video or images to our free online flip-maker tool!

Custom Love is Art Kit

Is there a better way to celebrate your relationship with your partner than to create beautiful art together? Not likely.

This bundle contains everything you need to get started in no time and make the celebration absolutely unforgettable––because hey, love really is art.


Custom Printed Coupons

Create fun and romantic coupons. Personalize each one with ease.

Date Night In a Box Subscription

Every month, DATE NIGHT IN sends you a date filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities, all aimed to help you create a moment every month that will last forever! Each month has a new theme to add variety and spice to your life! Our highest priority is helping you to connect in a new and creative way.

A Mug That Will Never Fall Over

Powered by smart grip technology, it grips when you accidentally knock it but lifts naturally. Mighty Mug fits directly into your car cup holder and will stand firm even on boats, trains, and planes.

Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker

A real game changer for the couples who don't live together for any reason, this app-powered bracelet & speaker pair is borderline magical. You put the bracelet on your wrist–and your partner will hear your heartbeat with their speaker, wherever they are!

Each person has a wristband they wear to bed and a small speaker you can place under your pillow. The wristband picks up your realtime heartbeat and sends it to the other person's pillow. In your own pillow, you can hear the heartbeat of your loved one, wherever they are in the world. 

(As long as there's some kind of internet connection there, of course.)

Date Night Bucket List

A set of birch wood sticks with exciting prompts for future dates ranging from romantic stuff (pack blankets and pillows and go stargazing someplace secluded) to intellectual stimulation (attend a lecture at a local museum or university).

A great option for when you want to find a small, but still extremely cute gift for your SO! 

Personalized M&M's

Let's face it: personalized M&M's are the perfect sweet gift for any occasion because hey, you can order them with literally any kind of text or image on them.

  • Looking for a romantic gift? Use personalized M&M's to say something like "I love you, honey" or "My love 4ever", you know how it goes <3
  • Want to show some gratitude or appreciation? For example, let's say it's Teacher's Day. "Thank you, Ms.Birch!" or "Best prof EVER!" could be some nice sweeties, right?
  • Quitting an awful job you've hated for decades? Order a bunch of personalized M&M's with "Cya, losers!" or "Yay, I'm free!" - and leave them in your office. I mean, what do you have to lose?
  • Wishing someone good health? "Get well soon!" should do the trick, just make sure they can eat sweet things in their condition.

So, the options are pretty much endless, you can get as creative (or passive-aggressive) as you want. The only advice, though, is that maybe personalized M&M's aren't a good gift for someone with diabetes. You know, sugar and everything.

Anyway, the best part?

Most people have never ever heard that personalized M&M's are a thing. It's a fabulous surprise, an opportunity to get creative as can be, and even a fancy component to your scavenger hunt. I mean, how about printing your tips on M&M's? Sweetest scavenger hunt ever!

Fun fact!

Did you know that the first big customer of M&Ms was the US army? During World War II, M&Ms were sold exclusively to the military, since the hard coating on the pellets was the perfect way of preventing the chocolates from melting. The perfect military treat!

Tell this story to that special soldier or officer in your life and give them a pack of personalized M&M's as the cherry on top! :)


Wooden Sound Wave Art

Printed pictures and words are great and everything, but here's how you can further level up such a gift: print a sound!

Use a recorded voice message or a favorite song to create a custom soundwave gift. Perfect for a couple's 5th anniversary (and any other romantic occasion, really). 

Sky Map Art

We make beautifully designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Your first date, your first kiss, your engagement... the stars never look the same twice.

When was the last time your gift made your sweetheart cry? 😭 This will get the reaction 😍 It is the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Personalized Viewmaster Custom Reel

Reels and Viewers are a unique way to tell someone "I appreciate you". It's a sure way to raise a smile and connect like nothing else. 

Creative stuff to check out

Keep in mind that we have several niche section that could help you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend depending on his favorite stuff.

Is he a gamer? Check our Gifts Inspired by Popular games collection. Overwatch, Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, Starcraft, Warcraft – dozens of cool titles to browse related gifts!

Do you know his favorite TV show? Check out our Gifts Inspired by Popular TV Shows collection. Stranger Things, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones… I mean, what better wat to find a creative gift for your boyfriend than checking out some quality fandom merch? The same thing goes for Popular Movies, by the way.


Featured ideas

Hear me out: DIY gifts aren’t always terrible. If you put your heart into it and dedicate enough time to the matter, you’ll basically have something amazing that will be cherished for years to come. For example, knit him a scarf, write him a short story, draw his portrait, make him a special SnackBox (pick the contents yourself), and so on. That’s perfectly cool stuff!