Personalized M&M's $5

About Gift

Let's face it: personalized M&M's are the perfect sweet gift for any occasion because hey, you can order them with literally any kind of text or image on them.

  • Looking for a romantic gift? Use personalized M&M's to say something like "I love you, honey" or "My love 4ever", you know how it goes <3
  • Want to show some gratitude or appreciation? For example, let's say it's Teacher's Day. "Thank you, Ms.Birch!" or "Best prof EVER!" could be some nice sweeties, right?
  • Quitting an awful job you've hated for decades? Order a bunch of personalized M&M's with "Cya, losers!" or "Yay, I'm free!" - and leave them in your office. I mean, what do you have to lose?
  • Wishing someone good health? "Get well soon!" should do the trick, just make sure they can eat sweet things in their condition.

So, the options are pretty much endless, you can get as creative (or passive-aggressive) as you want. The only advice, though, is that maybe personalized M&M's aren't a good gift for someone with diabetes. You know, sugar and everything.

Anyway, the best part?

Most people have never ever heard that personalized M&M's are a thing. It's a fabulous surprise, an opportunity to get creative as can be, and even a fancy component to your scavenger hunt. I mean, how about printing your tips on M&M's? Sweetest scavenger hunt ever!

Fun fact!

Did you know that the first big customer of M&Ms was the US army? During World War II, M&Ms were sold exclusively to the military, since the hard coating on the pellets was the perfect way of preventing the chocolates from melting. The perfect military treat!

Tell this story to that special soldier or officer in your life and give them a pack of personalized M&M's as the cherry on top! :)